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Can we please talk about the level of glamour that went on backstage at Atelier Versace FW14? The picture on the left shows Lindsey posing with some rings and clearly one of them is too tight for her finger that it is cutting her circulation but Lindsey gives no fucks and still poses. The picture on the right shows Lindsey’s whole right boob exposed and yet she claims she’s conservative for her parents’ sake, she does not give a damn whether her nipple or whole titty is out, as long as she striking a pose and she knows she looks good as fuck.

she has one unfortunate mouth

Unfortunate mouth? Well gurl let me tell you that mouth is everything BUT unfortunate because it has made her walk 14+ consecutive seasons for Versace and is a Karl Largerfeld and Donatella Versace muse, had a gallery in New York exclusively show case backstage shots and candids of her, and stays having a steady and nice ranking on Models.com’s Top 50 models so if you ask me, she’s pretty fortunate for having that damn mouth!!

when scene girls try to come for your fave

Sailor Moon x Prada Spring/Summer 2012

Anonymous asked: how do u feel about cara delevingne


I love her song ‘Hello Kitty’!! ka-ka-ka-kawaii!!!!!

when u ruin ungaro



French Emblems: Contents of Paradin, Claude: Devises heroïques (1557)